New Static Era music video coming soon

Dear Me video shoot - behind the scenesYesterday, we filmed our new music video with Ruth and Jimby Media, the same talented team that created our Sleeping Dogs music video, and it’s looking truly epic!

Wondering how we did it when Emma G is overseas? Very simply, we decided this music video would be one that tells a story using actors, with our song as the soundtrack to it.

As with any creative process, it took a while to work out what the concept would be. I knew the emotion I wanted to portray as Dear Me is one of the most heartfelt and meaningful songs on our Fit To Fight album. I just wasn’t sure what it was going to look like.

The video concept

After several brainstorming sessions with our director, Mike Kumagai, we finally locked onto an idea I felt happy to run with. It’s a creative interpretation of the song, metaphorical rather than literal.

It’s focused around two characters, a young rebel and an older gentleman who meet on a cold winter day to play chess against each other.

Dear Me - behind the scenesSo what does that symbolise and what happens next?

Stay tuned, music video coming soon