About Static Era – our new name

My name isAs you have most definitely seen by now, we have a new band name Static Era and will lay to rest using Emma G Band.

Why did we do this? The main reason was that we wanted a name that captured the essence of who we are which is very simply, a high energy rock band.

When we first got together nearly a year and a half ago, none of us were 100% sure what direction this was all going to take. It was initiated by Emma who had a desire to play more ‘rock music’ as she had already been performing a lot acoustically.

The original plan was that the ‘boys’ would work behind the scenes and help shape some of the songs Emma had written acoustically and turn them into louder rock songs. Emma G would be a solo artist and we would use Emma’s existing social media profiles to promote this new musical endeavour.

Just as we were about to put the first song Start out into cyberspace, we reevaluated things. Emma felt she saw herself as more the singer of a band than a solo artist which led to the group using Emma G Band and not just Emma G.

At the beginning of 2012, we once again had a look at how things were going and decided a change of band name would capture the gutsy rock feel that exists within this group. After several months of intense pondering, we have found that new name.

Welcome to the Static Era!